Repair Services

Desert Appeal Landscaping is a commercial landscape maintenance company located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. We have been providing landscape maintenance services to the commercial sector since 1999, and specialize in luxury multi-family, retail, and HOA properties.

Certified Irrigation Technicians bring a new level of expertise to your property’s water management. Today’s computerized irrigation systems can be complicated. That’s why our technicians regularly receive training regarding state of the art equipment, techniques, and conservation. They’ll seek out opportunities to maximize efficiency and make recommendations accordingly. Well-versed in water management, they can make your existing system work more efficiently, and have the capacity to overhaul, repair or replace the entire system, or any part of it.

Inspection is ongoing and thorough. The entire system is tested on a scheduled basis to assess needs and determine if repairs are required. This helps ensure that even the most minor leaks are repaired before they turn into much more costly problems.

is also critical. We’ll examine drainage swales and grates on a regular basis. You’ll be notified if any clogged drain lines are found. This early detection helps prevent flooding or costly structural damage above and below the surface.

Water Conservation is foremost in mind. We’re concerned not just with saving water, but with reducing your water costs. We’ll adjust the timing of your watering schedule, and we’ll look at where your water is going. Cars and buildings don’t need irrigation; plants do, so we’ll be on constant look-out for misdirected sprinkler heads. If it’s raining, your system will turn off. Oversaturation is costly and unhealthy for plants. During a dry spell, your plants will receive the extra water they need, right when they need it.