Desert Appeal Landscaping is a commercial landscape maintenance company located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. We have been providing landscape maintenance services to the commercial sector since 1999, and specialize in luxury multi-family, retail, and HOA properties.

The condition of your trees, plants and grass say a lot about your organization. Your customers, your prospective clients and tenants, and even your employees – all take notice of your work environment and form opinions based on what they see. A lush green lawn, healthy plants and trees can leave a lasting impact in the minds of the patrons visiting your premises. Healthy grass, shrubs, and trees enhance the appearance of your property, and a neatly manicured landscape creates a professional image that can help you succeed. This is why it is very important to fertilize often.

On the other hand, an unkempt lawn can have the reverse effect. Patchy brown or yellow grass, weeds, and insects can detract from the image you want to project. Your patrons may draw irreparable conclusions about your operation. Even your employees could be adversely affected if your environment is unpleasant or un welcoming.

You know the ol’ saying: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. With the help of fertilizer, you can improve your property’s aesthetic appeal. Your grounds will feature robust trees and shrubs, and a thick green, weed and bug-free lawn. With a professionally-treated landscape, your organization, like your greenery, will be poised for growth.